A. Any prayer that doesn’t address the Creator, all potential loving Father is an invalid prayer.

Everyone has an identification and we are obliged to recognise everyone for what they are. Our parents should be addressed as to what they are. We must not misunderstand their friendly attitude towards us and fail to put the commandment into practice. We must honor them. The reason we are compelled is that it is the right way of life. Look at this world they give high importance to these relationships we carry on earth. At the office, people in authorities should be given high respect and addressed properly. This protocol is a duty of employee, safe are those who follow it. Another example from the company I worked with, we had email etiquettes that were considered vital, one email rule was terrifying and that is, “if we send an email to an incorrect client, we were terminated without a second thought”. It is considered a breach in the email policy. You see “To Address” is very important. That is the importance of addressing the right person and Jesus taught us at the beginning of the Lord’s prayer. Prayer is not a prayer if we do not address our Abba Father in heaven, it is considered vain. A letter without an address lands nowhere. It is always returned back to the person who posted it. It will be in the trash without address. While I explain this, letter writing tests at school come to my mind. It is a common-sense and practical lesson. Please do not ignore to address God in prayer, your prayer invalid if you do so.

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